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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

LWCF Advances in US Senate

Good day yesterday for the LWCF in the US Senate. Strong bipartisan majority of Senators votes to deny two amendments hostile to the LWCF. There’s still more work to do, but thanks to Senators Daines and Tester for their votes in support of the LWCF. The land trust community developed a guest column that details the incredible value of LWCF to Montana.

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US Senate Procedural Vote Okays LWCF Reauthorization 99-1

An important first step was taken Feb. 5 when the US Senate approved a procedural vote that advanced a public lands package of legislation that included permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The bill passed 99-1, was led by Montana Senators Steve Daines and Jon Tester, and while additional congressional action is needed this first vote by the Senate is positive start in this Congress.

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Land Trust Stewards Hold Retreat at Pine Butte Guest Ranch

Montana land trust and agency stewardship staff have set Feb. 21-22 for a 2019 Stewardship Staff Retreat at The Nature Conservancy in Montana’s Pine Butte Guest Ranch along the Rocky Mountain Front. A 2018 stewardship retreat had been held at the Five Valleys Land Trust Rock Creek Confluence Property. Ryan Hunter at Flathead Land Trust is helping organize the 2019 retreat, which starts at 11:30 AM on Feb. 21 and wraps up after breakfast on Feb. 22. The agenda includes Case Study Presentations, an Open Floor Q&A, a Potluck Dinner and opportunities for other informal discussions.

US Senate Schedules LWCF Floor Discussion Next Week

Great news: The US Senate will take a key first step toward reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund next week. Thanks to Senator Daines and Senator Tester for their commitment on this. If you hike, hunt, float, ride, enjoy the outdoors, enjoy parks and playgrounds, or like seeing open land and wildlife, you have benefited by the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

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12 Land Trusts / 12 Words or Phrases / 12 Days: The Trust for Public Land

Day 12: 12 Land Trusts/12 Phrases – The Trust for Public Land: Alex Diekmann Peak. Story Mill Park. Haskill Basin. Parks and land for people. Public lands. Taylor Fork. Trumbull Creek. ParkScore Index. Stillwater State Forest. O’Dell Creek. Beavertail to Bearmouth. Oliffe Ranch. The Trust for Public Land is a national conservation organization with a regional office in Bozeman. We’ve saluted each of the 12 Montana Association of Land Trusts members in our 12 Land Trusts / 12 Phrases / 12 Days series. Thanks to the Montana land trust community for their contributions to Montana’s economy, landscape, outdoor recreation and quality of life.

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12 Land Trusts / 12 Words or Phrases / 12 Days: Flathead Land Trust

12 Land Trusts / 12 Phrases: Flathead Land Trust – River to Lake. Sandhill cranes. Wetlands. Clean water. Agricultural heritage. Flathead River. Prime farmland. North Shore. Wildlife habitat. 1885 homestead. Heart of the Flathead Valley. Partnerships. Flathead Land Trust is based in Kalispell and works throughout the Flathead Valley.

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12 Land Trusts / 12 Words or Phrases / 12 Days: Kaniksu Land Trust

12 Land Trusts/12 Phrases: Kaniksu Land Trust – Bull River Valley. Pine Street Woods. Protecting forests and farms. Camp Kaniksu. Play in nature. Sasquatch. WildCrafting. Healthy land, healthy communities. StoryWalk. Outdoor education. Community conservation. #outside7b. Kaniksu Land Trust is based in Sandpoint, ID, and also works in Montana’s Sanders County.

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