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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

The Nature Conservancy in MT Works Toward Thriving Forests

     The Nature Conservancy in Montana added some helpful updated information on its website about the importance of forest management, and forest use by recreationists, with links to other current forest management information.

     Montana TNC is a major forest landowner in western Montana, and an advisory on TNC’s website reads: This summer we expect to see huge numbers of people enjoying Montana’s outdoors, including visits to our TNC lands. With so many of us out there, please remember to douse your campfires, pack out trash, stay on marked trails and leave no trace that you were there. Folks accessing TNC’s lands are also encouraged to review TNC’s Forest Lands – Open Lands Policy. 

     That’s wise advice, given the number of wildfires burning in Montana, and the high percentage of them that have been human-caused. 

     TNC’s Summer 2021 Montana Forest Newsletter is full of interesting information about ongoing TNC forest management actions. Topics such as biochar, recreating responsibly, a design sprint assessment of 40,000 acres nearly Seeley Lake, a 2021 update on TNC goals for forest land transfers, a report on local land transactions in 2020, and land management partnerships to help restore camas to TNC forestlands.

Dave Hanna / TNC Photo Blackfoot / Clearwater