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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Gallatin Valley Land Trust Part of Outside Kind Campaign

       Ten outdoor recreation groups working in the Gallatin County area and beyond — including Gallatin Valley Land Trust— have teamed up to launch “Outside Kind”, a campaign designed to “share best practices, principles and tips for enjoying the outdoors together.” 

     The effort reflects the growing awareness from several outdoor recreation and nature organizations that community and nature trails are seeing increased use and in some cases increasing conflicts. 

     “For years, and particularly in the last year and half, we’ve seen growing pressure on the trails throughout our region. This alliance reminds us that through kindness and respect for one-another, we can all enjoy our shared outdoor spaces, regardless of whether we like to hike, run or bike the trails,” says Chet Work, executive director at the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. 

     The primary goal of Outside Kind is to share best practices, principles and tips for enjoying the outdoors together. Whether you wish to encourage your friends and family or visiting guests to hike kind, ride kind, ski kind, wag kind, etc., Outside Kind offers the community consistent and clear guidelines around outdoor activities and positive local ethics.