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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

MLR’s Kendall Van Dyk Talks Conservation on MT PBS’ Montana Ag Live Series

      Conservation easements were the main topic, and Kendall Van Dyk of the Montana Land Reliance was the main guest, on a recent episode of the Montana Ag Live show on Montana PBS. 

      Professor emeritus Jack Riesselman of Montana State University served as host of the show, and other panelists in addition to Van Dyk were Mary Burrows, MSU Extension Plant Pathologist; Dan Bigelow, MSU Extension Resource Agricultural Economist; and Mac Burgess, with MSU’s Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology department. The show featured opportunities for call-in questions and Van Dyk fielded the most questions, with conservation easement topics including perpetuity, conservation easement terms and restrictions, purpose of conservation easements, landowner motivations for easement creation, federal and state easement programs and more. 

Screenshot: Riesselman (left) and Van Dyk