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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

The Forever Gift: Bitterroot Cooperation Preserves Scenic Ridge for Generations to Come

110 special acres conserved in the Bitterroot that results in a “huge gift” to the valley. Thank you, BC Rimbeaux and Bitter Root Land Trust.

Bitter Root Land Trust Director Gavin Ricklefs remembers sitting on a rock next to Rimbeaux up on the ridge seven or eight years ago talking about the potential of preserving the land with a conservation easement.

“He wanted to make sure that this place was protected as a wildlife corridor and for the viewshed forever,” Ricklefs said. “He had this connection and love for this place that he wanted to find a way to preserve.”

On Dec. 31, Rimbeaux placed a conservation easement on the land without seeking any financial return.

“Considering what the real estate market is doing now in the Bitterroot, it was a pretty big gift,” said Bitter Root Land Trust’s Conservation Director Kyle Barber. “It was pretty selfless, especially considering that he doesn’t live here full time. This was such a huge gift to our community.”