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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

PPLT: Things Looking Good At Sevenmile Creek

      Mary Hollow and Prickly Pear Land Trust sent a recent email update to supporters that provided current information on a broad range of PPLT projects and organizational efforts under three headlines of Our People, Our Home and Our Work. 

      The information updated supporters, partners and donors about PPLT personnel changes and accomplishments, PPLT’s purchase of the building it is located in, and a list of trail and conservation project accomplishments. 

     One of PPLT’s ongoing conservation efforts is at Sevenmile Creek on the west end of Helena. Here’s the PPLT report: At Our Sevenmile restoration project, we are reaching nearly $1 million in investment and have seen incredible returns already. Our restoration site survived the Birdseye fire in early September, 330 of the 350 acres we own. We are encouraged to see the incredible benefits of riparian restoration and the wetlands which acted as a natural fire break- we didn’t intend for the resiliency test that it saw this fall, but…it worked. This fire response will only serve to increase the value of this project site as an educational resource and outdoor classroom. Experts anticipate the grassland and vegetation will come back more robust and vibrant, including a higher diversity of wildflowers and natives. We are investing significantly in reseeding to keep ahead of the weeds in the spring. This was an unforeseen cost, but one we feel is critical to maintaining the incredible progress on this land.