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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

“Dream Come True”

by Glenn Marx, MALT Executive Director

     Unanimous vote by the Ravalli County Commission. Unanimous vote by the Montana Board of Land Commissioners. Broad, strong and vocal financial support by local and statewide project partners. A public agency with a consistent vision and a dedication to that vision. A landowner with unshakable determination. A land trust with an undaunted commitment.

     Put all that together, and you have the new WW White Memorial Fishing Access Site on the West Fork of the Bitterroot River.

     A Ravalli Republic article captures the joy, accomplishment, cooperation and value of the work by Bitter Root Land Trust, the patience and long-lasting faith in the project by landowner Marty Stromberg, and the tremendous perpetual recreational opportunities the new fishing access site provides.

     The Oct. 6 celebration – just like the project itself – brought out the best in the partners and the project. At a time when there are so many things wrong in the world, cooperative projects like this remind us there are many things right in the world, as well.

Bitter Root Land Trust President Peggy Ratcheson and her golden retriever, Sophie, at the new WW White Memorial FAS. Perry Backus photo