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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

John Ormiston: Riding for the Brand

by Glenn Marx, MALT Executive Director

     John Ormiston, at the tender age of 82, has put his heart and soul – and his legs – into support for Bitter Root Land Trust.

     For about a dozen years now John has hopped on his bike for BRLT, raising money for his local land trust for every mile he rides…and he rides a lot of miles. I can personally attest that once you get on John’s list you are on his list forever, and you will know when John hops on his bike. You will be expected to donate, and you will donate. It’s pretty simple, actually.

     A recent Ravalli Republic article about John and his commitment to BRLT and area conservation, is headlined Riding the ‘Root: Ormiston to pedal for 12th year to help Bitter Root Land Trust. The article is full of classic John Ormiston quotes:

     “When I was 75, I decided I would try to get $100 for every year of my life. I raised $7,500. Last year, the goal was 10 grand. I raised about 11. I knew I had to exceed that this year — and since it was the 12th year — I set my goal at 12 grand. So far, I’m at $10,500.”

     “I think so far (in 2020) I’ve had about 129 people pledge to get to that $10,500. Last year, it was about 220. This year I haven’t been able to go to the Audubon meetings or places where crowds gather where I can pass around my clipboard. People know me by my clipboard.”

     I know John by his clipboard.

     Go John Go. The donation has been sent.