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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Gallatin Valley Land Trust Debuts 2020 National Trails Day Bingo Card

Gallatin Valley Land Trust, based in Bozeman, is launching its Summer Trails Challenge on June 6, which is also National Trails Day. The Summer Trails Challenge runs through June 26, and participants are encouraged to log miles (hiking, walking, biking and running) onto GVLT’s website to help reach GVLT’s goal of 50,000 miles. Each mile equals a $1 donation to GVLT from the Community Match Pool. Also check out the National Trails Day Bingo Card. A special competition within the Challenge is set for June 12-14, with a contest between GVLT and Prickly Pear Land Trust in Helena to see which community can log the most trail miles that weekend. Stay tuned!