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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Flathead Land Trust Seeking Support for Somers Project

Flathead Land Trust is working to expand already-strong area support for a community project that would maintain and formalize access on a portion of the north shore of Flathead Lake near Somers. The Somers Beach Flathead Lake Public Access Project would ensure public access and would also protect water quality, conserve bird and wildlife habitat, and maintain scenic open space as a new addition to the Montana State Park system.

“In order to protect this special place from future private development, conserve the wetlands and bird habitat, and secure much needed new public access on Flathead Lake, we feel a state park offers our best opportunity to do so,”  said Paul Travis, executive director of Flathead Land Trust. “We are hopeful that community members will be supportive of this project by voicing their support.” FLT has already obtained over 200 letters of support for the project.