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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

PPLT’s Happy Snails Are Happy Bunch

Like the USPS, they are undaunted by snow or sleet or bad weather. They are the Prickly Pear Land Trust Happy Snails for Happy Trails, and for the past three winters they have gathered on Tuesdays at noon to run on the PPLT and Helena expansive community trails system. They meet at the Old Shooting Range Trailhead, and everyone is invited to join them. Here’s more info from PPLT: For those interested in the group, you can learn more on the facebook group page: Happy Snails for Happy Trails, OR attend the Snails’ winter celebration. The group is gathering at Bert & Ernie’s on Tuesday, February 25 from 5-7 PM for pizza, beer and wine to celebrate the past year of the Snails hitting their stride. This will be a great time to meet other runners, buy the new Happy Snails T-shirts, as well as talk about the Don’t Fence Me In Trail Run courses available. PPLT Photo