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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

RMEF Takes on Google, and Wins

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation enlisted the support of the Montana Congressional Delegation to persuade Google to reinstate a RMEF advertisement that Google originally denied because the pro-hunting ad was viewed as “animal cruelty.“ The Missoulian reported on the debate, which swirled around an ad placement on Google for a video featuring RMEF board member Nancy Hadley hunting elk in New Mexico. The advertisement for the video went to Google’s Ad Network, which places the sponsored results above any Google search. When Google informed RMEF its ad was not allowed, RMEF contacted the Montana Congressional Delegation, each of whom fired off a letter to Google with strong encouragement to allow the RMEF ad to be restored. Google then reinstated the ad for the video, and the video is viewable here.

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