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Kelly Kountz Photo / Courtesy of Gallatin Valley Land Trust

‘The Stars Have Been Aligned’ for Kaniksu Land Trust’s Pine Street Woods

Pine Street Woods, Kaniksu Land Trust’s ambitious community conservation achievement, is moving into the implementation phase, which means upgrading the access road, building a parking lot, adding signage to the trails, and more. Pine Street Woods is a 160-acre community forest, education and outdoor recreation project that has blossomed into 322-acres and 3.5 miles of trails. A Bonner County Daily Bee April 21 article contains some wonderful quotes about the project. KLT Conservation Director Regan Plumb: “It’s hard for me to believe, after close to 10 years, that Kaniksu Land Trust finally owns this property. I feel like the forward has been written and now we’re starting Chapter 1.“ KLT Board President Jim Zuberbuhler: “That’s (the 322 acres) a little more than half the size of Central Park. A couple of generations from now, this will be such a part of the fabric of our community that people won’t be able to imagine Sandpoint without it.“ KLT Campaign Committee Member Julie Meyer: “Imagine the legacy in the center of our town in 50 years, as the community embraces this space. I like to think of it as our own little Golden Gate Park.“ KLT Conservation Director Regan Plumb: “Education has been a strong component of this project from the beginning. Kaniksu Land Trust is primarily devoted to land conservation, but we see this kind of outreach as a tool to connect people more directly to the land.“ KLT Board President Jim Zuberbuhler: “The stars have been aligned for this project from the very beginning.”

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